Baby Cobra

I’ll be frank, I haven’t used Netflix in a hot minute because I’ve fallen out of infatuation with the entertainment streaming application. Their recent selections haven’t really regained my interest since I was disappointed with the speed of that last Orange Is The New Black season and the borderline annoying popularity of Daredevil. I’m a fucking misoneist, okay?

So randomly I logged into Netflix and my lack of coordination accidentally missed the preview I wanted to view leading me into the hilarious standup by a very fucking pregnant Ali Wong.


First and foremost, the thing that stuck out to me was 1) she looks like me and 2) her vulgarity reminded me of how I talk to my friends. Okay, not just my friends. I can’t decide if it was the “going home to talk racist shit with your (intraracial) partner” or the pho restaurant punchline I identified more with, but I will say… there was a lot. And even when it went down the pregnancy and childbirth tangents, I definitely cringed and got extremely  nauseous at the thought of something coming out of one of my bottom ends… I still laughed.

Giving birth makes my uterus flinch. I get sweaty and dizzy and I just want to run out of the room. But I finished it because it was damn funny.

It was empowering to see a self-identified Asian American woman embrace her adventures in sexuality and prod at the cons of feminism and the pursuit of gender equality while simultaneously creating a  powerful statement about the double standard of parenthood in comedic entertainment. Her jokes were relatable to many Asian Americans that are never exposed to a comedian of the Far Eastern descent let alone a woman. A part of her appeal is the probable racial stereotypes we’ve been fed that Asian looking women don’t say “fuck” so casually, regale on accidental homeless rendevous, and have relatable thoughts about taking a dump at work.

Props Ali Wong and Netflix!