The Culinary Game Is Strong In Far East Plaza


And without further ado, the vacant spot where Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok Phat Thai noodle house sat will officially become the new home of Eddie Huang’s Baohaus.

Joining the likes of Howlin’ Rays, Chego, Unit 120, Endorffeine, and Ramen Champ, it goes without saying that Los Angeles’ Chinatown is developing culinary talent like no other – not to mention the array of Asian American chefs establishing their edible prowess while maintaining their cultural heritage. I have to give Eddie props that he name dropped the man who owns the Plaza. If you know Chinatown remotely passed the surface, YOU KNOW¬†George runs it.

While there will not be an official “launch date” as Huang mentioned on Instagram, we can expect a whole new line congesting the small plaza next month. Thanks for keeping the identity of old Chinatown while you steal all these hipsters’ money – mine included.