Fiesta Matsuri

If you don’t know, I identify as multi-racial. Japanese Mexican American to be exact. This unique ethnic combination has always presented itself as sometimes an interesting conversation piece (depending on who I am conversing with), an alternative perspective to the hapa identity, and most significantly a lack of a community to find racial comfort.


Fast forward twenty something years of self-inflicted inner turmoil and there is now a festival combining Mexican and Japanese cultural celebrations of children. While it is not specifically for children of both those identities put together, for someone that clung to Filipinos for some cultural semblance this is kind of a big deal. Not to mention the awesome food offerings those stands will probably be selling.

With that said, I hope you all check it out! It’s tomorrow – May 1st, 2016 from 11AM – 4PM at the JACC Campus.

You can find the itinerary for the day  at their website here: Fiesta Matsuri .


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Zoohey Mihoko

Gluttonous hapa millennial Pokemon enthusiast.

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