LA tings

Spent a good chunk of my weekend in LA, starting with the Black Keys concert at the Forum. It truly is exciting to be working at a venue and to be getting paid with these legendary artists performing in the background. While it may not be ideal for some and most would prefer to be watching the concert, but at this point in my life this is realistically the most affordable way to see such a multitude of different performers.

Enough with the defending of my part time work… KROQ had boasted a private soundcheck with the Black Keys and about 30 lucky individuals. And guess who walked as slow as possible to their portable to witness their greatness?! I heard their entire show as I poured $12 beers outside and upstairs (The Forum carries sound reallly well around the entire venue). I’m not a dedicated fan, but I do appreciate their talent so it was awesome to see them live. And their soundcheck was flawless.


Last minute, I got a text from my UCLA family member – Alex. Word on the street was that Outkast had picked up three new additions this class. We rolled up (on time, silly us) to Fu’s Chinese Palace and indulged in some delicious non-traditional, Chinese-American food. After that is what usually happens after BBR’s… I think the common term for what went down is usually referred to as a “sh!tshow”. I know I’ve only been done with school for about a year, but 1) I cannot hang (nor could I ever) and 2) whyyy did we do that to ourselves? No joke, I was cringing left and right… and that was before the vomit started flying. Oh, college.

Welcome to the Family! Hope to see you at your Installs.

The next day I got ready for the Kings vs. Canucks game held at Staples Center. Not only have I not been at Staples Center since probably (AT LEAST) 2003, it was also my first NHL game! Up until Saturday the only hockey I had ever seen were the Mighty Ducks trilogy and a couple of Ontario Reign games. We were celebrating Jasper’s good friend, Max’s birthday. No better way to celebrate someone’s existence than with a 5-1 win, private suite with chicken wings and sliders, and heckling the Canadians next door.

Happy Birthday, Max!


Overall great weekend of friends, family & debauchery. Peep the next update when I come back from Carmel & Ensenada 😉